Shri Lala Bapa

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Sant Shree Lalabapa

Naranbhai Rathod and his wife Motibai lived in a cobbler caste in a small Rib village. Lalabapa was born in his house on the day of Aso Vad Poonam i.e. Sharadpurnima of Vikram Savant 15. School's knowledge was not written in Lalabapa's destiny. They used to take a bath early in the morning and sit down to chant Thackeray's name. He married Ladubai to appease his parents, despite Lalabapa's wishes. He left his wife Sagri and moved to the pier. Soon his mother, sister and younger brother passed away. Shri Lalabapa, as per the orders of his Gurudev Valdas Bapu, carried out his ashramdharma by bringing charity, kindness and humility. A small puja from Gurudev was performed in his hut and the saints made an ashram there. As the days went by more and more monks, guests began to wind the madhuli of the visiting Shri Lalabapa. Madhuli used to chant with bhajan-bhakti due to permanent satsang. Understanding the Guru's command as God's command, Lalabapa remarried Gondal Jawabai.

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